Govt pledges more help for those at risk of losing their home

Housing minister Grant Shapps has unveiled a new cross-government initiative to try and prevent people from losing their homes. The financial crisis has heightened debt worries for many people, and Mr Shapps believes that there is more ministers can do to assist people who are drifting towards homelessness.

Homeowners with money worries always have the opportunity to turn to a quick house sale to address their financial concerns, but many people do not seek advice regarding their options until it is too late. The Making Every Contact Count report looks to address this by putting in place a series of safeguards, giving charities and councils a blueprint to work together.

Commenting on the report, Mr Shapps said that Britain already has some of the strongest protections in the world to prevent people losing their home, but more can always be done.

“No single voluntary service, government agency, council or government department can prevent homelessness alone – but working together we can make a big impact,” he added.