Low cost DIY improvements for a fast property sale

Achieving a fast property sale can be a daunting task, particularly when it comes to making a fast property sale. There are several ways to ensure that your property is off the market fast, most of which involve making home improvements of some kind. However, if you are on a tight budget and are looking for ways to make improvements without dipping into your savings, here are some low cost DIY tips that will help improve your home.

Remove clutter

In order to encourage people to buy a house fast, you should look at your home from a buyer’s perspective. No one wants to see endless signs that a family already resides in a property therefore you have to remove all clutter. This means taking down photos of you and your family and tidying away toys, magazines, signs that a pet lives there and clothing. Storage space is important to buyers so if you have lots of cupboards and shelves then remove clutter from these to show them off and make a fast property sale.


White or magnolia paint can be bought for a very low price in most outlets and neutral colours are key to a fast property sale. Choose a plain wallpaper design and paint over it in neutral tones. Also, stick to white or wood effects for your skirting boards, coving and doors. Ensure that you paint the front door and the ceilings as buyers will look very closely when viewing your home. Neutral tones enable buyers to envision their own decor so try to omit your own personal tastes from the decor.

Look at your furniture

Your furniture may not come with the house, but it does play a role in making a fast property sale. If your furniture is wooden then you could give it a fresh coat of varnish or you can paint it to make it look new to buyers. If you have any furniture which is starting to look worn and a little rough around the edges, you can move it to a friend’s home or into storage for the time being.


Look around your home and make a list of things that you can fix yourself at a low cost. Depending on how confident you are in your DIY, you could save a lot of money by carrying out repairs yourself. You may need to fix the skirting boards, replace lighting or put up some old shelving. It may help to have someone else have a look around your home as they may spot something that you don’t. The things they see are likely to be the things that buyers will see when viewing your home.

Ask yourself the question, ‘what will make people buy my home fast?’ and try to think about what you would like to see (or wouldn’t like to see) in a home. Often small DIY tasks are enough to make your home look as good as new and they cost very little to carry out yourself.