Fast Property Sale Before Moving abroad

Many sellers putting their home on the market need a fast property sale in anticipation of a move overseas. Thousands of people move abroad every year for various reasons including work, getting married, retirement or staying with family. If you are moving overseas in the near future, you will need to put your property on the market as soon as possible. Here are some tips to selling your house in a hurry when you are anticipating a move abroad.

Estate agent or quick house sale company?

Both have their advantages, but it may be easier for you to go with a quick house sale company if you are moving abroad. If you use an estate agent, your property may still be on the market by the time you leave which means that all dealings are left in their hands. Communications will only be made via telephone or email meaning that you must put your trust in the estate agents’ hands. This may mean that your house is on the market for a much longer time period than you expect so you may be waiting on a sale for months, or even years, down the line. A quick house sale company will be able to get the property off the market in time for you leaving the country, provided you put your house on the market in advance.

Improve your chances of a sale

For fast house sales, property must be in tip top condition. Ensure that there are no outstanding repairs and make sure that your home is presentable. Try to make it look like a show home as buyers will be encouraged by the effort you have put into your property. Try to make your property appeal to a couple of markets, such as young working couples and young couples with children. This will increase the chances of making a fast property sale. Make renovations which will appeal to different groups. So, if you have a spare room, make it into a bedroom and use some of the extra space in your living room to create a small office. This will appeal to corporate couples and working families. Also, try to make the home appear as neutral as possible to allow potential buyers to ‘see’ themselves living there. The last thing a buyer wants to see is photographs of your family as they will then see the house as someone else’s.

Lastly, get the word out that your home is up for sale. There may be someone local or a friend of a friend who has been waiting until your property went on the market so this will increase your chances of making a quick sale before moving abroad. Getting someone to buy house fast can be difficult but, if you are well prepared, you can certainly sell your home in a matter of months.